Brake and Safety Electronics (ABS, ASR, ESP)


An increasing number of motor vehicles are being equipped with modern safety systems such as antilock braking systems (ABS), antislip regulation (ASR) and electronic stability programs (ESP). ABS and ASR prevent the wheels from locking and slipping. ESP stabilizes the vehicle in critical situations by applying braking forces to the appropriate wheels. Sensors in the vehicle measure the data of the vehicle dynamics and transmit it as pulses to the electronic control unit (ECU), which analyzes the signals and controls the rotating speed of the individual wheels by means of actuators.

For the function test of an ABS/ASR/ESP ECU, the test system must simulate the sensor signals in normal and critical driving situations to make sure that the response of the control unit at the actuators is correct


Price: 300,00 SEK
We do programming and repair all parts of the system ABS/ASR/ESP